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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A decade gone by...

Gin's 10th birthday was today. We noted its significance in that she gets another digit to her age, and that won't happen again for 90 more years. In our family birthday tradition, we went out to dinner at her choice of restaurant. Of course, she chose sushi. I stuffed myself. We all did. Overstuffed, really. It's probably a good thing, though. For some reason, I'm still losing weight, even though I started eating again quite some time ago. My appetite hasn't exactly been robust, but I thought I was eating at least as much as I used to, which, granted, is still less than I should. Gin eats more than I do, but Munch eats more than both of us combined! Hence the nickname... Hehe! She burns the fuel though. On the rare occasions when she sits still, she still burns it off by chattering nonstop!

I chatted for a little while with my friend A, who's just returned back home to the Balkans after a trip to Turkey. I am so jealous of all my globetrotting friends. G just returned home to London tonight after a visit to Rome. Before that he was in Barcelona, and before that....I've lost track already. I'm still looking forward to a little trip myself. :)

I got confirmation today that I will indeed be reporting to my old editor again. I might have to do some fancy footwork to maintain my current work arrangement. I might have to compromise a little. Fortunately, though, I know him well enough to know how to make him see things my way. He doesn't want me to leave - I know that - so I think he'll be flexible with me. The only reason I accept the lousy pay for this job is because I don't have to pay those outrageous gas prices to drive into the office every day. And considering I've been declared by general acclamation to have outshone my four predecessors in job performance, I feel fairly secure in it.

I got my very first hit via iPhone today. Naturally, it was a search from Google on the Lifetime Flying Tigress. Hehe. Still, I got an iPhone hit. Suddenly, I feel so much.....coooooler. :)

And...I actually liked this new photo....

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