"I want, I want, I want ... but that's crazy"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Waiting for the express outta here......

I have no idea what this damn Pineapple Express movie is, but I wish they'd stop playing the trailer every five minutes on TV. I'm always looking the other direction, and then I hear that song..... Paper Planes..... Immediately my brain is filled with images ... A DJ booth and dancing Canadians.... And a smile that was just for me, once upon a time... Mmmmiiiiiinnnnneeeee....... Damn it. It's a conspiracy, everywhere I look. And again, there's another reminder... It's not fair. Seriously - how long does this last?

I've got a work meeting tomorrow. I'll be working at a different office, so I hope I remember in the morning to drive to another city.

I got a message (surprise!) yesterday from G. He always seems to contact me when he's having girl issues. Once he even messaged me to say, "I have a date Saturday. What should we do?" It gives me flashbacks to elementary school. All of the boys were "friends" with me, and they always came to me for advice on their little elementary school love lives. Geez! What is it about me? At least these days, a few of them look at me a little differently. One especially.

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