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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Froggy Saturday

It was a typical Saturday morning, except that I didn't have to get up early for work. Aaahhh! It felt good to sleep in for a little while.

My daughters have become instant Food Network addicts, and they spent a good part of the day feeding that addiction. Munch loves to watch the show Unwrapped, in which they show how favorite foods are made. Today's episode was the special on sweets, so I don't think she blinked for an hour. Jelly Bellies, Whoppers, candy buttons...she was mesmerized. :) That show was followed by one on the huge annual All Candy Expo in Chicago. She eventually got bored with that one. After that show, Gin started watching the Food Network Challenge Disney Princess Cakes competition. It was immediately followed by one for Disney Villains, but by that time, it was time to leave for the fireworks.

Our big deal today though was the introduction of an unofficial new pet to the family. When Munch got bored with the candy shows, she went out to the backyard to play. During the past two weeks, we've had so much rain that we haven't even been in the backyard that whole time. The kiddie pool has been sitting unattended for quite a while, and Munch discovered that a frog had taken up residence. Everyone agreed that we'd leave him be for the time being. If he decides to stick around, though, we might have to make other arrangements for him. :)

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Jeff said...

cute frog, ribbit. :)