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Thursday, October 2, 2008

All's well again

I woke up with a kink in my neck this morning, and by the time I'd been at work about a half hour or so, a migraine began to set in. I managed to stick it out for a couple more hours - working at my computer wearing sunglasses. But the printer is directly behind me, and the police scanner is cranked up so we can catch the latest breaking news events. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and told my boss I was going home to a dark, quiet room. After taking some ibuprofen and sleeping for three hours or so, I woke up feeling much better.

Gin's eye is doing well after her tumble down the stairs last night. She has a couple of nasty looking red marks around her eye and across her nose, but it didn't bruise or swell at all, thanks to a quick application of an ice pack that she kept on it for at least a couple of hours before finally dozing off last night. I asked her tonight how many times she had to tell what happened today, and she said, "about 12," and smiled. I think she rather enjoyed the attention.

I got a note from Munch's teacher today that they were taking her out of the Title I program. It's a remedial program that she never needed in the first place, and they've finally caught on to the fact. Munch is extremely bright, and she understands all of her work. She's an excellent reader. She's just flighty. She doesn't focus because she finds her schoolwork tedious and dull. When her interim progress report came home with nothing below a B+ for any of her classes, I figured that they would reevaluate her need for the program. I was impressed. They did it immediately. I think four weeks might be a record for the program. Most students remain in it for years. But as I said, she shouldn't have been put into it in the first place. Still, we'll be keeping up on math, reading and spelling drills that were part of the program, just picking up the content to her level. The constant practice is helping her a great deal, and having the steady routine will help with her focus.

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