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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cute glasses!

Bloggers have been buzzing about it. Radio personality Clark Howard raves about it. And what really got my attention was all the great unpaid, unsolicited comments raving about Zenni Optical.

This place, I kept hearing, has eyeglasses for as low as $8. I doubt they could do much for Gin, because she's going to have a very special - and I'm sure quite expensive - prescription. I'll check on that one though - imagine the fortune I could save there. But even if I can't use them for Gin - and I've already had Lasik, Pooh wears glasses (and loses them on a regular basis). My mother wears glasses. My stepdad wears glasses. Book wears glasses. How much do you want to bet Munch isn't going to get through this family with perfect vision? We've already gotten the letter from the school saying we might want to double check her vision. Yep - we go through a heck of a lot of eyeglasses in this family.
Pooh's checking it out right now. He needs to replace the prescription sunglasses he lost at the Foo Fighters concert. I checked it out, too. Spent about an hour there, actually. These frames are soooo cute! I even considered getting clear lenses and getting some myself!

By the way, shipping is only $4.95 for any size order, no matter how many glasses are in the order. That means you can get a a complete pair of prescription glasses delivered right to your door for as little as a GRAND TOTAL of $12.95. Very cool deal. We sure can use any way to save cash lately.

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NATUARL said...

that's pretty cheap. the cheapest i've heard of is 39 dollar glasses dot com