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Monday, October 13, 2008

Hopeless optimist

I love Boston Legal. I was so thrilled when the new episodes started up again. I wasn't sure if I would still enjoy it, because Boston Legal was kind of an "our thing" with P. Each week I'd watch the show while chatting with him and make various comments here and there, with a time frame for him. Then, because he was three time zones away, he'd watch it three hours later and have to watch for the moments I'd commented on. It was a little game and the next best thing to watching it together. I still think about P sometimes, but it doesn't make me sad anymore. More often than not, I find myself a little ticked off when I think back . I deserve someone who can give me more of himself, and he sort of strung me along, knowing that he'd never be there.

But anyway... life goes on. And so does Boston Legal. Excellent episode tonight, by the way.

Gas was $2.71 when I left work today, and Pooh told me that it dropped even further later in the afternoon. It's good to see, but I don't expect to see those prices that went up because of gas to start dropping any time soon. I figure the companies will just take advantage of the larger profit margin for a while. Guess I can understand it. Many of them have lost a lot recently too. It's a good sign though that it will start to balance out soon - or at least level off. Even the stock market rebounded today. Am I a hopeless optimist?

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