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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Noisy morning in an empty house

I worked this morning to the sounds of the school marching band playing in my living room. OK - they weren't actually in my living room, but it sounded like they were, or at the very least, that they were playing on the street in front of my house. (Which, btw, would make no sense as I live on residential cul-de-sac at the edge of the village.) It was clear and close enough, in fact, for me to go downstairs and look out the front window to see where exactly they were. I couldn't see them. We're two blocks from the school, so I expect to hear the band practicing. I actually grew up in a house a mile from my high school and I could hear the band practicing in the distance. But these guys SERIOUSLY sounded like they were right on my lawn.

By the time the band stopped, the excavation work had started. All the homes along my street are having their lawns torn up this week to connect the houses to the new water lines being installed. I get the home invaders this afternoon. I've finished working now, so I'm jumping into the shower, just in case they have to shut off my water for a while. This is soooo much fun. (That was sarcasm, btw.)

Well, I'll jump in the shower as soon as the soccer game is over. I've got on the broadcast of Sunday's game of Man City v. Liverpool, which I didn't get to watch live. In its honor, here's another footie hottie:
My footie crush of the day: Javier Garrido (someone THIS fine deserves some extra notice! Yum! I usually post pics of them on the pitch, but this photo was just too good to resist)

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