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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My happy place

I got to spend time in my happy place today. :) I watched TWO soccer games. The first was the Arsenal-Everton match from this past weekend. My cable service shows one Premier League game from the weekend on Tuesdays. The second was Man U-Celtic. 3-0. My boys are doing quite nicely. Hehe. I'm glad to see that my sports curse apparently cannot reach that far over water. Or something.

Actually, I didn't quite get to see all of the second match. I saw the first two goals then I fell asleep. The match was anything but boring, but I was soooo tired.

As an added bonus gift from my cable service this week, I see I get another Champions League match tomorrow. Chelsea-Roma. I'll have to be home by 2:30 to catch it from the beginning, but I can probably manage that. Yay! I love Italian footballers. Yummy! And Michael Ballack...double yum... I love watching the game - the skills, the strategy, the sheer artistry of it - but isn't it nice that they're just so damn good to look at, too? :)


Heidrun Peters said...

Hi brand new soccer freak fan!
I so love your description of the game. And yes - I agree: Michael Ballack is double yum! Chelsea-Roma for you tonight? Enjoy. I am a Werder Bremen fan and so I watch Bremen - Athens. Will think of you!
Greetings from Germany
Heidrun Karin Peters

Goddess said...

Greetings to Germany! Bayern Munich has my favorite player - LUCA TONI!!! Unfortunately, none of the games are ever broadcast here. :(

Heidrun Peters said...

So sorry for you Michael Ballack did not play yesterday. He has had surgery done on his legs. Also he has a big dispute going on with our national team's coach (where Ballack is the team captain). Germany is all upset about it and divided into two parts!
Yes, bad luck for you again - I can see beautiful Luca playing each weekend!
Btw Bremen did not win last night in Athens. But at least they did not loose either. Leader of the group is Milan. Bremen still has a chance to make it into the next round.
Keep on watching - and I hope we will stay in contact!
How did you come to be a soccer fan?