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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stop saying that!

Terms I am completely sick of hearing:
heartbeat away from the presidency - yes, we know...president dies, vice president takes over. We get it. Stop pointing out the obvious.
change - every presidential candidate since the second one has promised change. You started it, Barrack, but did you catch on to how tired and lame a slogan it is? NO!! Instead, your opponent picks up the same damn lame tired slogan.
maverick - this is just stupid. If you want to say that you went against your own party - fine. You want to say you worked with those in the other party - cool. But stop dishing up this stupid term.
reach across the aisle - like the change thing. We all have heard it before. It won't ever happen, at least not anything that matters. No miracle worker in the world is going to make more than 500 people agree about anything that really matters.
Wall St./Main St. - business vs. you common joes. We get you common folks out there. We feel your pain. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I don't really care if you can relate on a personal level with my pain. I just want to know you can do the job. And while we're on the subject, business isn't against the common joes. They're not the enemy. It's not a battle.
the American people don't want to talk about *such-and-such topic* - if the American people don't want to talk about it, why do the pundits complain that the OPPONENT is bringing it up? wouldn't it just allow THEIR GUY to talk about the things the "American people" DO want to talk about and give THEIR GUY an advantage while the OPPONENT keeps talking about the stuff that the "American people" don't care about? This is the ultimate last-ditch, desperate comment used to try to shut up a topic. Media talks about what the American people DO want to talk about, or their ratings go down. It may not be the IMPORTANT stuff, but obviously, if ratings are high on a given topic, the "American people" want to see it, and if ratings go down on a topic, the media will stop talking about it. The media people watch their ratings and get direct feedback - they don't need to be told what the "American people" want to talk about.
my friends - It might be sincere. I don't know. But it sounds patronizing, John. Knock it off.

There are more, but I'll let you guys toss in a few. What are you sick of hearing this campaign?

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Ivanhoe said...

I'm just sick of the commercials and debates in general. Are there really still people out there who did not make up their mind about who to vote for????? Good luck to them cause this campaign is going haywire. You will see just the ugly side of the candidates now. I tune it all out :o)