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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free People Search

If you're trying to find someone in the United States or Canada, you've probably used most of the free "white pages" sites and come across a lot of sites that tease you with a number of results but then want to charge you to see them.

There's another free people finder available now that you might want to give a try. It's called LookupWho.com.

You enter the name, city and state - or as much as you know, with only the last name as a required field - and it provides a list of matches, up to 50. Add more information to narrow down your choices. The results bring up addresses and phone numbers.

LookupWho.com also offers a reverse phone search, useful for when you get an unknown phone number on your caller ID - or when you find an unidentified number on your phone bill.

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