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Monday, October 6, 2008

Good water

I worked at the office today, and I've got to say, I'm getting used to it again. It's pretty uneventful over on the editorial side. I never hear any good gossip, but it's quiet and mellow, with the occasional polite conversation, so it's not altogether bad.

I get to work at home tomorrow, but that's not going to be a stress-free day either. They'll be coming to pull up the carpet in my hall closet to get to the crawl space underneath to install the water pipes for our new municipal water. Right now, we're on a well. All the homes in my teeny, tiny town are on wells. But we just got a water tower, and we've been driving over horrible, mangled, gnarled roads like minefields for months now. My water now is rusty and a little smelly. I only drink it filtered. And my shower's always orange. I buy CLR in multipacks. All my whites are dingy. Still, it had better be damn good water we're getting.

Estimates say the muni water won't be flowing until 2010. And I don't see the roads being fixed any time soon. I'm serious...every road for the entire length...mangled minefields with pits and dips and chunks and sand and gravel and ripples.....AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Can you tell this is getting on my nerves? It's been MONTHS. The steel belts are breaking inside my tires. And my mother's tires, and she's only here once every couple of weeks or so. I've gotten two flat tires on it. The SCHOOL BUS got two flat tires on it. I'm guessing at least two-thirds of the town's population (which is about 650ish now, I believe) have gotten flat tires from it. For two full (separate) weeks this summer, I had to park my car at the school two blocks away because my road was completely inaccessible. Try sprinting in 90-degree heat wearing Italian heels carrying a grocery bag with a box of ice cream (already dangerously soft because the grocery store is, ordinarily 20 minutes away, but on these mangled roads - 35 minutes....) in it, while corralling two children for two blocks.

This had better be damn good water.

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