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Friday, August 22, 2008

Bound for Victory (Hair)

I'm newly single (three months now) after a nearly three-year relationship that was preceded by a three-year "man moratorium." Before that I was engaged to a man I'd known for most of my life, and before that I was married. Obviously, I need to hone my flirting skills as I re-enter the world of singles. What better way to do that than try out Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship?

I tried it out and met up with MEATHEAD and MAXHOLDMAX. After a few Dating Game-style questions, MEATHEAD was my pick for his subtle sexiness, but MAXHOLDMAX came close for his silly sense of humor. You even get to chat during the game, and once you make your pick, you get to have a private chat with the winner.

In my quest for Victory Hair, I'll need to be at my peak. What is Victory Hair? That's when you go out with sexy, stylin' hair and spot that hottie sporting his own sexy style, get close, get friendly, and get mussed up.

Getting the sexy, stylin' hair is easy with Extreme Style by VO5. Add to that hot outfit and - OF COURSE - the sexiest shoes in my arsenal, and I'm halfway there. Then, turn on the charm.....

Step one: the look across the crowded room. This one's vital. Make eye contact and hold it. Then coyly raise an eyebrow and throw in a wry smile. How can he possibly resist?
Step two: reel him in. Arrange for the "wingladies" to vacate the immediate vicinity, thus making myself accessible and eliminating the pressure of the judging looks of my girlfriends. He's got enough pressure just trying to win ME over.
Step three: first contact. Maintain eye contact, say "hi" and introduce myself.
Step four: small talk. If he seems interesting enough, find out more and get to know him a little better. Use body language (SUBTLE, NOT SLEAZY) to let him know I'm interested, if I am.
And if I am.......lucky him....
Step five: exchange contact info and move in for the kiss that will make SURE he calls.

Don't even THINK I'm hooking up with him right then and there (sorry, boys - I'm not that kind of girl), but if he makes that contact and proves himself worthy....we're on our way to VICTORY HAIR!

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