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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pre-holiday shopping help

Hey, school just started! Are you ready to think about your holiday shopping yet? Ugh - crawling out of bed at 3 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving to stand in the midst of a grumpy, shivering crowd waiting to be among the first to kick, bite, shove, elbow or otherwise maneuver yourself into position to pick up some great must-have bargain of which only six are in stock for the day at the special low price. Or maybe you have a job like mine, and you'll be working (almost thankfully) on that Friday morning.

Personally, I can't stand the crowds and chaos of the holiday shopping season, so I'll do whatever I can to avoid it. That used to mean waiting until 2 a.m., and shopping during the overnight hours. More recently, though, I do the vast majority of my holiday shopping online, so I can still get the savings and avoid all the hassle of the stores.

This year, I'll be checking out the thanksgiving ads at iBlackFriday.com. Here you'll find scans of all the Black Friday ads and links to the stores' online sites to buy all the best specials from the comfort of your own home.

The site's got listings of Black Friday specials for all kinds of great stores - like Amazon, Circuit City, Dick's Sporting Goods, the Disney Store, hhgregg, Home Depot, Old Navy . Toys R Us, Tommy Hilfiger and more, as well as major discount stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart. And more, and more, and more.

The sites are all conveniently listed in an alphabetical directory on the home page that includes the number of Black Friday specials featured at each. A click on the link brings up a handy at-a-glance list of products and prices.

According to the latest announcement at iBlackFriday.com, this year's version will feature even more convenient options, such as links for each of the ads to shop directly online. There also will be a Black Friday shopping list feature that will allow the user to create their own customized shopping list of special items for Black Friday (or Cyber Monday).

iBlackFriday.com even has teamed up with eCouponCodes.com to offer users exclusive online coupons to save even more.

For a little preview of what is to come, here's the Wal-Mart page, which lists 391 Black Friday specials.

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