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Friday, August 15, 2008

I need to get out more

I've been in a great mood today, and I don't really know why. Well, maybe a little. :) But still, it was a day in the office - I should have been a grump. I like talking to the girls in graphics though. We all get along really well. They're not excessively chatty, and we have intelligent conversations as well as some lighter exchanges. I can't stand listening to the ad girls on the other side of the wall most of the time, although, I do get to occasionally hear some juicy info. I'll be moving back over to the editorial side soon. It's REALLY quiet over there most of the time. The reporters and editors all spend their time hunched over their computers working with almost no idle chatter, ever. And the reporters are, of course, frequently out of the office too. The only noise comes from the phone conversations, all work-related. I like the quiet atmosphere, but I have gotten used to the more balanced atmosphere in graphics.

It will be interesting to see if I become a part of the loose-knit social group over there again. I sort of fell out of it long before I left the department. Everyone else in the department is a fair amount older than I am and non-social with the coworkers, or a fair amount younger than I am, and I'm a little outside their group. It leaves me sort of isolated. In graphics, there's one younger girl who's married, one single girl who's my age and one about my age who's living with someone with their COMPLETELY GORGEOUS baby. :) Needless to say, I feel more like I fit in over there. But, we're not social after work.

I feel like I need to develop a social group. I don't really have people I socialize with outside work at all - from work or otherwise. It wasn't always that way, but it sort of grew out of circumstances. I got out of college and was living in basically a new city because my mother had gotten married while I was in school. So I had none of my childhood friends around at all. Then I soon got married and moved to another state. That didn't last and I moved home. I worked and cared for my sons, socializing a little but not much. Then I married a man who was very social, so for that time, I got out a little more, but they were all his friends (and a whole lot of losers, for the most part). Naturally, when the marriage ended, those loose associations did too. I got engaged to a former fiance, but we never went out and did anything. Since then, I've pretty much just stayed home and taken care of my kids. Even my three-year relationship didn't add to my social calendar, as it was long-distance, and we rarely saw each other. We spent every moment connected online, at home away from the world.

So anyway, the point of my rambling is that it's probably good I'm being forced to interact with people again.

I got a completely unexpected message last night, and although I'm sure it was basically meaningless, it's still had me smiling for about 14 hours at the thought. :) I also did get to chat with a few friends last evening, so I wasn't so lonely anymore. Of course, I closed my night watching the American girls take gold and silver in the gymnastics individual all-arounds. It was worth losing the sleep. :)

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