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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I keep going, and going, and going.....

Munch and I spent about four hours this evening working on her studies. It seems a bit much for a seven-year-old, but she powered through it well and did much better staying on task. I was proud of her, and I think the new routine will work well for her. Gin even wanted to get in on it (I think she missed her sister a little bit), so she did spelling drills with her.

I was looking forward to finally having a weekend off, but it seems I'll have to work this Saturday as well. That will make 13 straight days without a day off. I'll have
Sunday during the day, but I have to write my column Sunday evening. The office is closed Monday, but of course, we'll still be publishing - just earlier. Press deadline is midnight Sunday night, so I'll be up working most of the night. At least the kids are out of school Monday, so once I finish work, I'll go to sleep without an alarm clock. I'll have Pooh watch the girls so I can try to catch up on a little sleep. I've got a presentation to come up with at some point too. That's set for Tuesday at 11 a.m., and I've actually taken a vacation day so I can do it. *Sigh* Burnout, anyone?

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll make myself happy. I'll wear my Mario Bologna shoes to the office. It's impossible not to be happy wearing them.

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