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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Facebook "friend" mini-rant

You know, I love Facebook. If I had a real life, my friend list might be populated by people I already know. I've got a few there, but my life circumstances have left me pretty isolated, so the vast majority of my Facebook friends have been random adds. I don't mean I'm just strolling around clicking "Add as a friend." I mean I've joined groups, added applications, commented on photos - that sort of thing - and although I've sent a few friend requests, most are people who have sent them to me.

I almost always accept, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to deal with the uncertainty of anyone new, so I'll just turn away everyone who happens to send a request at the wrong time.

I like people who are friendly and want to talk sometimes. I've developed some really nice friendships with some of them that are just as real as "real life." I also don't mind the folks who just need more people to play a game or the ones who add me and never say a word. I don't even mind the ones who send me a bunch of requests every day, as long as they don't mind if I click "ignore."

What I DO mind (here's the rant part) are the people who seem to think that if I've added them to my friend list then it's ok for them to start making completely obnoxious sexual advances. I mean, come on! You can send me a red silk pillow or blow me kisses or even pop up on chat and say, "hi sexy." But for some random guy who's never even bothered to look beyond my profile pic to find out anything else about me to pop up and expect me to get naked on a webcam, that just pisses me off! Do these guys act this way toward women in the real world? All I can say is, if you want to be my friend, that's totally cool with me - if you want to treat me like a whore, get the hell out.

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Cally the Wild Aspie said...

AMEN! That hasn't happened to me on FB - yet - but it happens all the time on messenger. The worst part is, on messenger my screen-name ends with an "O" and sometimes the horndogs are women!

Sometimes if I'm in that kind of mood I'll ask the troll if they mind my husband watching 'cuz that's his thing. They go away fast. :)