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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Empty time

I'm actually starting to get a little lonely... to the point that I'm almost looking forward to going in to the office tomorrow. Egads! How can it have gotten so bad? Well, I got used to talking to P every day, of course...then he dumped me. Then I was talking to my ooooooooolllllllllllddddd friend B for a while, and I started talking to Z every day then. Now B's all preoccupied with his new love. Z's on a trip abroad and out of touch, so I won't know if I'll still have txt contact with him until he gets back. G's on vacation, so ditto on the txts there. D sent another, so I know those work, but I rarely talk to him anyway. We played a little poker tonight on Facebook, but then he vanished without a word. Hmph!

Pooh's even volunteered to make dinner tonight, and I've got too many hours in at work already, so I'm not working either. Leaves me with some free time. I'll watch some Olympic coverage later. I could do some housework. I could babble on here for a while - maybe add 17 to 30 posts on the various subjects that have been swimming through my head. Olympics, politics, soccer, history (my own - that's a book on its own), finances, transitions, relationships, school starting, work ... ick ...

It's been a long week, and it's not over yet.

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