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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who are you?

I have to admit, I thought it was hysterical when I looked at my stats and saw that I was getting Google search hits from searches on "watch secret pleasures movie." (search without quotes) I swear, I didn't know there WAS a movie called Secret Pleasures (although it certainly screams "movie title," doesn't it?" Anyway, it got my curiosity up, so I went to Google and searched "secret pleasures." Much to my surprise, my blog didn't appear on the front page of results - so why have I been getting hits on it? Well, I checked a little more closely and saw that, although this blog doesn't appear near the top for "secret pleasures," it does come up SECOND in results for the search "watch secret pleasures movie" (no quotes in search) on Google. So actually the even LESS relevant search phrase brings my blog post higher in the results.

I love my unintended search traffic. Praise Google and its grand, mysterious algorithm! I often wonder if searchers are disappointed when they get here, because my post is NOTHING CLOSE to what they were actually trying to find. But also, I look at the search results, and it usually seems fairly obvious that the post ISN'T what they're looking for, so why do they bother to come here? Yes, I do get completely fascinated by this kind of stuff. And in case anyone was wondering, I am STILL racking up hits daily for the Lifetime Flying Tigress search. I'm going to feel almost compelled to comment on Lifetime's NEXT ad campaign - hehe...

So tell me.......did anyone find me via some search and come back? I haven't tracked closely enough to see which regular visitors came from where. Are you willing to tell me? How'd you get here? Search? Entrecard? Facebook? Twitter? Blogger? Is it your first time? Do you stop by often? Any comments?

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Tiffany Aller said...

Hi, there! I'm a visitor from EntreCard. Some of my blogs get the most random hits from Google...stuff that is in no way even connected to my posts. But best of all is that some of these people actually stick around and read my posts once they mistakenly stumble on me. Online searching is crazy I guess!