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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Office chatter

It was another work day in the office today, so I got to overhear some more idle office chatter. Today's revelation: One coworker's husband refuses to sleep facing the open side of his pillowcase. She said that he is afraid he will fall in and suffocate in the night. Furthermore, he claims that he does this not for himself but for the good of his wife - so that he does not fall in, suffocate, and then blame her for trying to kill him in his sleep.


Is it hypocritical that I watched the opening ceremonies to the Olympics while burning a candle for Tibet? I have to say though, as a Taoist in the West, I loved seeing the broad exposure for some beautiful Eastern symbolism and history and culture. And honestly, it was by far the most spectacular production I have ever seen. As Li Ning flew around the stadium on his way to light the cauldron, Bob Kostas said it: "When it comes to opening ceremonies, retire the trophy." No doubt. It's a little sad. There's no way London can top this one.

Gotta sleep now. I've got work all weekend, and I get to do an extra newspaper all next week.


Angel said...

Your art therapy album is beautiful!

Rachel S said...

Thanks so much! It's been GREAT therapy too....