As predicted, my first two days of this week have been a scramble of activity despite not having to work in the office. But, school starts tomorrow, and the girls are all set to go. I've even managed to corral them into bed at a decent hour. I spend my next three days in the office though - joy. It just gets better and better.

The whole evening's slipped away from me, and I really must sleep now.


Anonymous said…
Your banner is beautiful, and the photo of the couple by the train is incredibly romantic. I hope there's some romance in your life, despite the fact that your posts always sound stressed. If not, I'll pass on some advice I once got from an old hermit who lived next door to me. He said, "I know all about corporate America. Don't let them steal your life, son."

I later found out that old hermit had been president of a major Southern California real estate development firm.

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