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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hate when technology fails me.....

I still can't figure out the problem with the international texting on my phone. I managed to catch my friend D in Manchester on Facebook, so I asked him if I could experiment with him. I tried three different ways of sending, and finally, on the third try, it worked!!! My text went through, and his reply came in. Great! Problem solved!..... Wrong.
Of course when I thought that I had it worked out, I sent texts to Z and to G to see if those would work yet. (Text worked fine with Z on my old phone - but nothing has gone through on the new one... I'd never tried G on the old one, so I have no frame of reference there.) Anyway, I've gotten no response from either, and it's been a while now.... so apparently, there's still a problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they're both traveling... Can't see how. The first attempt I made to G didn't work, and he was home in London then. I might have to wait for Z to get home to see if that works for him. It's possible that G is on a non-supported carrier. I hate limitations on my cell service. Grr... Supposedly, any international voice calls should work. I haven't tried that yet. I got through to Z's voice mail, so I suspect it must be working, but his phone is off or out of range.
G just sent me a message on Facebook, and his carrier is supposed to be one of the supported ones. Don't know why it's not working. I'm back on the phone with customer service......"London isn't on our list." "The U.K. is." "Oh, well, yes." "You got a text through on Orange?" "Yes. But I can't get through to the one on Vodafone." "That's not on our list." "Yes, it is." "Oh, yes. Yes, it is." "We're going to have to start an investigation ....." *Sigh* On hold again... This is crazy. I'm spending more of my minutes with customer service than I am on all of my other calls combined..... Well, they've taken my information and begun the investigation. Grrrrrrrr....... (I was super-sweet to the customer service guy though - I've been there, and he WAS trying.....)
Maybe I'll try a voice call to G tomorrow, just to see if that works...

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Randall said...

I hate technology in general. Did I mention that I used to teach computer classes. I would often open with the statement that computers are good for one thing... games!

If I had my life to live over, I'd be a carpenter.