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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Snap, crackle....somebody shoot me

I snapped today, or could have anyway. Maybe half a snap or a little explosion, sort of spread out over a few hours. I'm fed up. I can't help it. I'm working on a Saturday, popping out every so often to tell the kids - AGAIN - to clean up, and by the time I'm through with work, there's not one square foot of my house that isn't in shambles. After five hours of telling them to clean up, it's five times worse than it was when it started. They're 18, 10 and 7 years old. There's no excuse for it. I went into the living room after finishing my work - my job - and they were all sitting around in their pile of filth watching television.

When I'm working at home, Pooh's in charge of the girls. At 18, he should be able to manage that. But even so, I still check up on them at least once an hour or so, and every single time I did, I turned off the TV and told them to get to work cleaning up their messes. Of course, I ended up having to clean the mess, but they're restricted to their rooms until I decide I want the disaster back. And they don't have those rooms with video games and a television and stereo and all those fun perks. They can watch Freckles the frog swimming around in her tank or read or clean. That's pretty much it. If nothing else, the rest of the house will stay clean for a while.

I got about four hours' sleep last night. If I get to bed now, I might manage about five tonight. If tomorrow's anything like today (of course, it's already tomorrow), I might just opt to put my head through the wall, so I can take a coma vacation........

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