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Friday, May 30, 2008


Let's do a little blog housework. I've been neglecting a couple of things on here.

First off, my poll wrapped up a few days ago with a respectable participation of 55 votes. Not too bad I think.
On the question of "What do you think of auto-start music on blogs?"
Four people (7%) responded, "I like it!"
10 people (18%) said, "It does bother me."
10 people (18%) said, "I don't like it."
31 people (56%) responded, "I'll leave immediately if it comes on."

I need to mention that there was an error in the poll. It was meant to say, "It doesn't bother me," for the second choice. Still, I think the results speak clearly. I won't judge one way or another, but it's something for my fellow bloggers to keep in mind.

Next, I got my first two payments from Pay Per Post. Got the cash sitting there in my PayPal account right now, with more on the way in three days. Then more coming after that. I think I like it!

Third, I've got a graduation party in two days, and I've been half a step above catatonia all week. So... sudden realization.... tomorrow is going to be hell. But then again, it's been hell. I'll take a new hell for a while. (PLEASE!! PILE ON A LITTLE MORE!!)

Ah....what else? Work. Yes. Mark one in the win column for me. I solved it. I stopped the angry phone calls to the bossman (the big bossman - my fired bossman has not yet been replaced). Yet again I was able to prove that I am the one who gets things done ... right .... the first time. Pat on the back for me. I'm underappreciated. All around.

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Mike Riley said...


I think it was Dorothy Parker [one of my favorite writers, by the bye], who first asked the question, "What fresh Hell is this?". Graduation party season is certainly in that realm.

As for stealing ideas from your head [see my 5/16 post at AFTER MIDNIGHT, and your response], it's a Virgo thing. I'm trully surprised you haven't stolen any of mine. As for royalties, good luck collecting...