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Sunday, May 18, 2008

This week in politics

The big political news this week is the endorsement by vice-presidential candidate John Edwards of presumptive-to-everyone-but-Hillary Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. What took so long? Edwards wanted to alienate the minimum possible number of Democrats to boost his progress in fulfilling his VP aspirations.

Oh yeah, I heard somewhere that Hillary Clinton won a presidential primary .... West Virginia, I think it was .... Are we at all surprised? No. Does anyone care? No.

Also in the headlines - Sen. Ted Kennedy has been hospitalized after having a seizure. Little further word on that. I speculate that attempting to justify his continued opposition to wind farms in his pretty little backyard while maintaining the facade of a party-line Democratic environmentalist finally made something up there snap. (I won't even get into the history - it's well documented. Karma's left this guy alone for waaaaaaaaay too long now.) There are doctors seeking other possible causes.

All for now.

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