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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Send help

I've sent in my donation, and I ask you to do the same. Send help to the people devastated by the recent cyclone in Myanmar (Burma). I made my donation through UNICEF'S US Fund for emergency programs in Myanmar. Whether you choose to send help through UNICEF or any other service of your choice (check them out carefully - it's a politically dicey situation over there, and you'll want to make sure your donation will go where it's intended), just please do what you can to help. The latest numbers estimate a death toll of 22,000 people, and millions more are living in this poorly developed area - much without access by road even under normal circumstances - literally days from starvation. Beyond the immediate need for food and water (black market prices of $700 U.S. for a gallon of water!!!), dead bodies thrown by the hundreds into the rivers, thousands more piling up in the mud and lack of sanitary infrastructure mean that pestilence and disease are likely to ravage this region soon. Send help now.

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