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Friday, May 30, 2008

An evening home alone...

Well, my boy's got a couple more graduation parties to attend this weekend. He's off now with his girlfriend helping to build a shed before hers tomorrow. He told me today that he was getting tired of graduation parties. He's the type of boy who would rather just spend the evening hanging out watching The Office with four or five of his buddies - or watching a chick flick with his girlfriend. ♥ There are worse ways he could be. I'll take him.

My girls are spending the night with a friend, so it's just me at home tonight. I'll be working this weekend (so I guess it's really a good thing that our grad party isn't this week). I'll also be doing double the work on Monday. Keep me busy. I"m going to have to go into the office soon though. I just can't handle being in public right now. My son drove us out today, and we went to order his cake and some photos. I made it until we were on our way home. Even ate a little. It was good I didn't have to drive home though. Kinda lost it then a bit.

I've been through a dozen break ups, including divorce, and I swear I've never felt this bad. I could always work. I could always eat. I could always go through my daily life fairly unaltered. It's never been anything like this.

This nascent love ... like candle's flame ... snuffed into darkness ... with one small breath.

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