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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My three youngest children presented me with their gifts for Mother's Day this morning. (My elder son Pooh, age 17, was not home this morning, so his will come later, I'm sure.) I had to share in my delight.

My son Book (age 11) made a card for me in a panic last night when he suddenly realized what day was coming. I was very pleased with it though as he made a great deal of effort in creating it. He drew a picture of our family on the front with the usual message inside, but what got me was what I saw on the back. He wrote, "It came from the ♥ ."

My younger daughter Munch (age 7) gave me a gift bag containing a cookie, a rubber band, a heart-shaped paper clip, a packet of Splenda and a Lifesavers candy. Also tucked in the bag (to correspond with the items ) was a poem that read: "You're one smart cookie / You always bundle me with love / You keep our hearts together / You are as sweet as sugar / Thank you for being my lifesaver. I love you!
She also gave me a book she made in school. It read as follows (the parts she filled in are in italics):
Thanks for helping me do my homework
I love it when you love me too!
You make me feel special when you let me go on the computer!
Thanks for taking care of me! I love you!

My elder daughter (age 9) made me a very pretty faux stained glass vase using tissue paper decoupage on a glass soda bottle, complete with a very pretty tissue paper flower. She made that in school, but she wanted to go to the store and buy something for me with her own money. Well, we live in a tiny town with no traffic lights and the only store is one small grocery (4 aisles, wood floors), and it was the only place she could go without having me drive her there. So she hopped on her bike and pedaled over to buy my gift yesterday. She actually bought two things, which she wrapped neatly in leftover Christmas paper. Citing the extremely limited selection available, she looked sheepish as she passed them to me: a pizza cutter and a box of No. 10 security envelopes.

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