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Saturday, May 31, 2008

L.A. Police Gear specials

Looking for some cool, rugged gear at great prices with all kinds of bonus deals and specials? Who doesn't want that?
L.A. Police Gear was founded by Los Angeles area police officers to serve the general public, as well as military personnel, security professionals and fellow police officers.
Since summer's made an appearance, it's time for some shorts to come back into the wardrobe. Check out these cool 5.11 Tactical Shorts. These special-purpose built shorts are designed to carry bulky items and remain durable. Like all 5.11 Tactical clothing, only the highest quality materials are used in making the shorts, which even feature double fabric in the seat and 36 points of reinforced stitching at stress points for superior strength.
In addition to the 5.11 Tactical Series, L.A. Police Gear also carries the following apparel lines: Under Armour, Blackhawk! Warrior Wear, LAPG Apparel, Propper Tactical Apparel, Viking Tactics, Bullet 50, Woolrich Elite, Dickies, and more.
L.A. Police Gear offers more than just clothes though. It's bags, tools, flashlights, cutters, medical supplies, flasks, radio accessories, training aids...you name it.
5.11 Tactical Shorts

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cube said...

Thanks for the heads up. I love this stuff.