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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gray skies and cold rain

It's a gray day - cold with a steady, soaking rain and an unbroken cloud layer as far as the eye can see. I don't mind too much. It's done wonders for view on the days the sun returns. It's pretty flat and featureless around here, but there is a rich depth of beauty to the "greening" of the fields and meadows. And I can't help but marvel at the sudden explosion of scent and color as the trees and flowers burst into bloom on the first sunny day after the first warm, spring rain. In my mind, I know that it's the gray days like today that make for the most beautiful spring days to come.

Still, a gray day tends to translate into a gray mood, and I came into this day from a less-than-ideal state of mind and heart, so I have been attempting to overcome it as I go along. Unable to find the positive energy to draw upon around me, I have had only my own inner strength and chi to lift my spirit and outlook to face this day. Fortunately, I've not run into any unexpected stumbling blocks today, so at this point in time, I feel at least moderately content. Later this evening, I think I'll indulge in a warm bath with some scented candles and a good book. And maybe chocolate........

Do you find yourself a little down on gray, rainy days? What do you do about it?


Lyn2x said...

Thanks for the comment. According to what you said..you have it all except touch..is it satisfying..How does it feel when you love so much and you want him but can't reach him in real?

Brenda said...

Gray days, pre-spring days are always a struggle to get through. This seems to be pretty universal. I always try to surround myself with color (ie., flowers, arts & crafts) and light (even artificial).

By the way I read the Mother's Day post too and your children came up with some very sweet cards!