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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Late night babbling

Another late night and I have no excuse whatsoever.

I've been trying to distract myself today, so I changed up my routine. Unfortunately, I changed it up so much that I completely forgot to watch American Idol. Instead, I watched coverage of the primary returns. THAT was a complete waste of time! CNN called West Virginia for Hillary Clinton with ZERO percent of the precincts reporting! We ALL knew that! Hell, Obama condeded West Virginia a week and a half ago. But still, I had it on for three hours, listening to the pundits say the same things over and over. Listening to tonight's token Clinton supporter who keeps arguing that it's not at all unlikely that Hillary will take 73 percent of the remaining delegates, and all of Florida and Michigan's delegates will be seated as if they had not broken their own rules. As I said, what a waste of time.
Also, worked at the office today instead of from home. My routine has become working from home, especially with the gas prices as high as they are. Why spend the extra money driving 25 minutes one-way to the office when I can do the same thing from home in the comfort of my jammies with a good cup of coffee? Right. You'd stay home too.
Tomorrow, I'll have to head to the Idol site to watch the performance clips. Might be better that way anyway. Then I'll try to remember to watch the results tomorrow. I've been wondering if there will be a Top 3 surprise, with Archuleta the assumed No. 1, and Cook and Syesha battling for second place. When that happens, votes are coming in for those two, and everyone forgets to vote for No. 1. But again, I didn't see tonight, so as far as I know, there could be a clear first and second after tonight........

Enough babbling. Bedtime now.

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