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Monday, May 19, 2008

Not much going on

My boss was fired today. I haven't officially been informed of it yet. He didn't call me. His boss didn't call me - or even send an e-mail. I just happened to be around when another department head told her staff about it. I don't even know who my boss is now. I love this company. I wonder if they'll decide I'm expendable as well. Hmmmm......

Today was my son's - my eldest child's - last day of high school. And he informed me that he and his girlfriend are back together. That's not bad though. I like her. We have his graduation this weekend, and his graduation party will be next weekend. Nothing's ready yet. How did this get here so quickly?

Funny how time works that way. The past year or two years or ten years or seventeen years seem to have flown, and yet, the past week has felt like forever, and today was just the loooooongest day, and this week is set up to be interminable. My heart is somewhere else right now, and the rest of me is a little lost.

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I agree about time going by so quickly. My daughter is almost 6 and it is hard to comprehend. I feel like she was just a little baby. Congratulations on your sons graduation.