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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Note to Hillary

Dear Hillary,
It is time to go now. You've done what you can, but it is over. Please - before your image begins to rapidly decompose from "passionate and dedicated" to "delusional and pathetic" - step aside now. Do not become the Ron Paul of the Democratic party. As I recall, unlike many others in this country these days, you've still got a really good, high-paying job with phenomenal benefits, perks and privileges. Go back to the Senate and count your blessings.
Thanks for your part in the most exciting political race I've ever seen. Now go home.
Just me


Steve said...

isn't that the truth. Not to mention, if she really cares about the democratic agenda she should realize that all of this campaign posturing is helping the republicans. She almost got the nomination, that's an amazing achivement for the first woman to really campaign for president

nanjodogz said...


Rachel S said...

Being a political junkie, these past months have been a dream come true for me. But honestly.....enough is enough! The time has come for Hillary to walk away..........
(To be honest, I'll miss her in this....)