"I want, I want, I want ... but that's crazy"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wait... What did you say?
"Lightning flashes, sparks shower. In one blink of an eye, you have missed seeing," says Oma.
One blink. What was real?
The moment before. The moment after.
Senses reeling. What?
How is this possible?
Who turned the world upside down?
But.... I see.....
A certain centered clarity...
It seems to be, as it was .... as it has been
I see .... I remember
Ah, I understand
Bit of a prick about it, though, wouldn't you say?
I understand.
This surreality......

Stepping through the vacuum of space
Tiptoe from star to star
The pretty picture of the little prince
Is not real

Quoth Ms. Janis: "Freedom's just another word for ... nothing ... left ... to ... lose."
Free... to .... .... hmmm... In the ... absence ....

I should mention that I have not eaten still. Few saltines this morning. I've lost five pounds. And I'm a little loopy, I think.
Life keeps going on. Work just exploded with insanity this morning, over something that I could have solved weeks ago, had anyone bothered to keep me in the loop. (For a moment, I wish for one around my neck.)
Wow. I need sleep. I wish I could eat. But for now, sleep will have to do.

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