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Thursday, September 18, 2008

In limbo

I'm sort of in limbo with the recent work drama. After dropping the dime on a coworker (henceforth known as Schmuck) for some serious ethical breaches, he was confronted with the evidence I provided by the publisher, my editor and his own direct supervisor. Fortunately, the publisher did not bring my name into the matter. Instead, he told Schmuck that the IT department had found the proof of his misdeeds. My editor did not fill me in on the details of the discussion, but he did tell me that a "decision" was to be made on it today (Wednesday). I left the office before I heard anything further on it, so I'll probably have to wait until Friday to find out what happened. At least I won't be subjected to harassment by Schmuck, regardless of the decision, because he has no idea (or at least the publisher told him otherwise) that I was the one who turned him in.

So anyway, part of the reason I left without finding out (other than the fact that my work was really finished for the day anyway) was so that I could run home to feed my obsession. Yep. It was Manchester United vs. Villareal. My friend D was AT the game, and I was terribly jealous. We'd talked earlier, and I asked him if Ronaldo would be returning to play yet. He replied that he was probably waiting for his hair to grow out. Hehe. He doesn't like Ronaldo either, although D is a HUGE Man U fan. During the same conversation, D predicted a 0-0 final score. Well, Ronaldo was put in late in the second half of the match, so I couldn't resist sending a text to D. He replied that he would run naked out onto the pitch and take him out if I'd like. Hehe! D is quite nearly crazy enough to do it! (Of course, he didn't, but that would have been great on the highlight reel, wouldn't it?) Oh......and the final score was 0-0.

Z and I finally got to chat again for a little while tonight. I think I chatted with him a couple of days ago briefly, but it seems longer. We haven't talked nearly as often since he returned from his holiday. We've both been busy, and he's been having some serious computer issues. The dreaded blue screen of death - often every few minutes. Bad sign, clearly.

I got to debut another pair of shoes today. :) Metallic pink Michael Antonio stilettos. I've had them for months now, but this is the first I've worn them out. They were noticed and admired. Three of my coworkers offered their compliments. I'm such a famous shoe hound in the office that they've started watching. :) Hehe. I love it.


Anonymous said...

You find ManU supporters in the most unlikely places! Or is it Villareal you support? Major depression in this household over the way ManU are playing this season. Even Ronaldo was lacklustre last night.

Not that I'm a true fan of football, it's just the line of least resistance.

Jeff said...

ManU will take a win soon, they need not be in a hurry coz it's still in the group stage. The 2nd and third match are crucial.

It's good that the office issue seems to be working out well.

Goddess said...

Actually, I've got a friend in Wigan who's a Man U fan, so I have to support them. And one in London who's a Chelsea fan (among British teams, anyway), so I have to support them. And that one's originally from Milan, so he's insisted that I simply MUST support Inter Milan as well. :) I'm in Ohio, and I just love the sport (I've become obsessed with it, in fact), so I watch every possible match I can and often just pick a team at the start - if at all. If I could manage to summon up any interest in the American teams, I suppose I'd have an easier time of it. I imagine I'll start to develop a loyalty sooner or later. (Of course, among the national teams, it's Italy, because I'd happily watch Luca Toni just sit and read a phone book if I could.) And of course, England.....and Spain for some reason......