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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More search fun

Wow...it's been more than two months since I've posted on my favorite searches to find my blog. Where does the time go?

Anyway - still waaaaaaay up at the top is the variety of searches for Lifetime's Flying Tigress. Clearly, interest in the campaign is dropping off lately, because even though I still come up at the top of the searches, there aren't nearly so many anymore. Oh well, it was a heck of a run while it lasted. :)

A few that caught my eye this time around are....

- *word flood* (three searches on this one)
- *seitaridis girlfriend* (this one got two searches - I AM going to have to start doing my footie crush of the day again.....still waiting to catch Luca Toni playing again....even with my streaming online video, I haven't caught a game....)
- *watch secret pleasures* (eleven total searches in all variations - obviously, they were disappointed when they arrived here....)
- *wet demin* (two searches...hmm....)
- *"sell this house" jamaican couple tanya memme* (nothing here on that one...)
- *"stepped on a frog"* (I looked this one up myself....my blog entry refers to ACTUALLY stepping on a frog....)
- *"ain't no sense arguing with the wind"*
- *alphabet soup boston artist* (???)
- *cheese whisperer* (hehe....can't believe someone searched that....)
- *favorite txt alert* (I believe mine was the word "tesoro")
- *how 2 dried a human body from wet* (man...I don't even WANT to know what this person was thinking....)
- *mens secret pleasure what they want from a woman* (this person obviously found NO help here
- *rowing budweiser poster*
- *miss american pie - the nerds* (wha?)
- *shameless preteens boys* (ummmm.....ick)
- *telephone number for donna brazile* (I don't have it, but let me know if you get it)
- *seitaridis shower* (I don't have this either, but SEND LARGE PHOTOS if you have any luck :) - Luca Toni too!!!)

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