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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Organize your school days

All of the kids were shuffled off to school this year, loaded down with so many new supplies on their first day that I feared for the seams of their backpacks - and their poor little legs and backs. And of the 350 or so individual items required for the start of school, everything has to be labeled with their names.

I remember my own school days, so it's probably a good idea. It seems I've got my kids a lot more organized than I ever was.

The first day usually went fairly smoothly, with everything laid out well in advance, checked off the list one by one, accompanied by the cutest little outfit I could talk my mother into buying for back to school - still crisp and new, carefully preserved for its debut on the first day of school. Unlike my kids, I'd never cheat and wear my new school clothes before school started.

Back then, everything was labeled with a big, black permanent marker or one of those hard, plastic labels that never stuck (or if they did, got so bent up that they quickly became unreadable), but today's kids are much more slick. Who wants their name scrawled across the front of their notebook when they can have a neat, custom-printed label in colors and fonts?

Labelmakers back when I was growing up used these hard plastic strips with letter wheels, and you turned the wheel and squeezed the trigger to make a white letter on the colored strip. These things seemed so cool at the time, but they had a lot of problems. The strips were rigid and failed to stick on anything flexible. If they were bent or twisted, they were ruined. And one click off while you were making one meant starting all over again, click by click by click.

Today's labelmakers are a huge leap ahead of what we had back then. They're much more efficient to use, and they've got so many more uses. With Dymo's latest labelmakers you can color-code (there's metallic too!), vary fonts, add symbols, even print to iron-on labels for clothes or magnetic labels to make custom magnets!

Check out these color labels and their great back-to-school tips for how to use labels to make your kids' school days more organized.

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