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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little bit o' this and that

Am I officially an addict for watching two European football matches at the same time? While watching Chelsea - Bordeaux on TV, I was watching Liverpool - Marseilles online. I cheered the return of Michael Ballack to the pitch, who's been out with injury for the past couple of weeks. Ballack's one of my favorite footie crushes. And I'd like to add that I loooooove the tradition of swapping shirts at the end. Woohoo! Footballers are easily the hottest men on the planet. Truly. (Of course, I wouldn't want to get involved with one.....those boys have baaaaaad reputations.....) I talked to D tonight a bit, and he said he's going to the Manchester United game tomorrow. Yep. I'm jealous.

I made meatballs for dinner. Not a big deal other than the fact that they were a smashing success with all the kids. Munch took a bite and said, "Mom, you should be a chef!" I can make them almost anything now, and they're always willing to try it. Munch occasionally is a little reticent about trying something new, but Gin will always pop up and say, "You KNOW everything Mom makes is great." Gotta love it. Of course, my kids have more refined palates than most kids their age, because I make a point of introducing them to lots of new and interesting foods. I probably have the only 7 and 10 year old Midwestern white girls who would rather eat sushi than any other food in the world. Gin's almost gotten to the point that she can identify various herbs and spices I use in my cooking. Just the basic ones, of course. She'll take a bite and say, "Is that basil?"

On the work front, I sent an e-mail to my editor asking the status of the current "situation." (It was a work-at-home day today.) He said the coworker in question was in a panic because he's being threatened with lawsuits for his unethical activities (btw, they've also threatened them against the company because he was acting as their representative - see? I was right. What he has been doing is wrong.) He said the coworker met with the publisher for two hours this morning, and he (my editor) was to meet with him this afternoon. He said he'd already presented the summary of my concerns to the publisher by e-mail and intended to discuss them. He said he'll fill me in tomorrow when I come into the office. I noticed - by means of the special access I have to his activities online - that he's already started trying to cover his tracks. He might know by now - or will soon enough - that it's too late. I took the precaution of printing out the evidence, because I knew he would remove it all from the system if questions started coming up. I know he's not going to get what he SHOULD - and I know I'll be in for retribution. But I don't care. This matters. This is important. I guess now I just wait and see what the decision-makers decide.

And on a side note, has there suddenly been a huge influx of Entrecarders, or had I just missed a hidden corner somewhere? I thought I'd seen most of the blogs in the Entrecard network, but suddenly I'm coming across lots and lots of blogs I've never seen before. Most of them are pretty great, by the way. If you drop from a set list, you might want to go exploring and see some of the new ones.

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