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Thursday, September 25, 2008

They listened! (and I was right!)

We had the first meeting at work yesterday for the newly established Web Board, which consists of me (the webmaster for our three newspapers), the Internet Project Sales Manager, the Internet editor for one of the papers and my home paper's editor. The committee was established to guide content on the sites but also to provide some kind of oversight for the forum, in which the IPSM has been far overstepping his authority and making unilateral decisions that were not only proving unpopular among our users but also stepping on their constitutional rights. This is the issue that has had me pretty irate over the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, as I was virtually ignored in my protests, I was determined to express no opinion and just be a drone when it came to the forums. Naturally, I was totally unable to do that, as it turned out. I'm too passionate about such things to just bite my tongue. I can't help myself. So, I made some suggestions. The rest of the board agreed. They were implemented immediately. And already, just one day later, a quick look at the board shows it's taking off like gangbusters! I'm so proud of myself! For once, they listened, and I was proven unequivocally correct.


*lynne* said...

oooh enjoy that feeling! sounds like it's something that comes way too rarely for ya, unfortunately. Glad you spoke up, and glad it all worked out well :)

Lilly's Life said...

ongratulations and you go girl! never doubt yourself and keep quiet. Say what you think as professionally as you can. So pleased for you!