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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slight lift

Depression is such a hard thing to deal with, especially when there is little to no support around. The only choice to try to make it through is to seize upon whatever little joys can be found and relish them. For that reason, I won't apologize or feel embarrassed that I was able to find such an emotional lift from my passion/obsession today. I watched a replay of Sunday's Chelsea v. Man U match, which happened to be the one I tried to watch online Sunday, but the streams were all down. It was an exciting match, and I smiled and cheered throughout the whole match. It ended 1-1, which works well for me, as I haven't yet officially decided between the two teams (although, I have to admit, I really think I'm leaning toward Man U - sorry G, but I promise I'll still back Inter Milano).

Tomorrow's employee appreciation day at the office. We get to wear jeans without paying a buck for the privilege, and the bosses are providing lunch. We also get to play a few games at lunch time. I was delighted to get an e-mail from one of the girls in graphics inviting me to be her partner in the cornhole game. She, incidentally, was the same one who sent me the birthday e-mail yesterday. It's no wonder I was happier over there than I am back in the editorial department.

It seems the slight lift in my spirits has brought back my appetite. Considering I've eaten next to nothing the past few days, I'm going to seize upon the opportunity now to eat something before it passes again.


Natural said...

I wish we had EE appreciation day and got to wear jeans. I suggested this to my "superiors" with the donated money going to charity. they said no.

Goddess said...

We have "blue jean Fridays" when we can wear jeans to work, but we have to pay for the privilege. I usually make a point of dressing up even better in protest on Fridays. We haven't gotten raises in five years, so the fact that they charge us just ticks me off!