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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to find costumes again

Halloween is coming! Where has the time gone?

The kids have already been harassing me about what costume they'll wear this year. Sometimes we cook something up at home, and sometimes we buy something at the store. Of course, homemade costumes are time-consuming, and that's something I have precious little of lately. And the ones at the store, well, what can I say? The selection is usually pretty lousy, and whatever you buy, there will be 37 others walking around in the same thing, because we're all shopping at the same stores. Add to that the fact that they're usually low-quality and horrendously overpriced, and the store option isn't really all that great of an option either.

I had a brainstorm a couple of weeks ago on what my costume will be for our dress-up day at work (it's brilliant! I'll post pics or at least tell you about it ... if I manage to pull it off), and Gin actually asked if she can just cut a couple of holes in a sheet and go as a ghost. Well, I've got no objection there. Saves me some hassle. She usually likes to be as nasty and evil looking as she can possibly manage. I expect the "ghost" will end up with stab wounds or something.

Now, Munch, on the other hand, is the type who wants to be pretty or cute for Halloween. For two years in a row, she wore the same pink and blue bird costume, not because she had to, but because she loved it so much - and so she could go to the doors and say, "Trick or Tweet." (She also wore it several times during the year between the two Halloweens.) Last year she was a fairy princess, and she's thinking about doing it again this year. But I suggested we look around and get some ideas first.

Well, I'm in love with online shopping, and I want something for her that won't be worn by 37 other people this year, so I'm shopping halloween costume stores online this year. And I found a GREAT one! It's called Halloween Adventure, and I've got to say.... IT ROCKS!!! They've got a HUGE selection of costumes - for kids, teens and adults - and their prices are sooooo much better than most of the costume shops I've found on the Internet.

Seriously, this site has everything you need for a wicked cool costume. Check it out! Now, I've got some shopping to do.....