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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lesson learned

Munch is traumatized. Actually, she's devastated.

She's an animal lover, and tonight, a cute little kitten was hovering around our front porch. Naturally, she scooped him up and sneaked him into our newly cleaned storage room with a can of cat food. She kindly left the light on for him, so of course, I opened the door to turn the light off and found the little thing. Big, mean mommy picked up the kitten - and the food - and put them both out on the porch.

Well, Munch waited about four seconds - as soon as Mommy was distracted going through school papers - and opened the door for him to come in again. But Mommy came down the stairs and caught her. So she slammed the door - on the kitten's foot. Fortunately, he wasn't any further through the doorway, because she slammed it hard. He was hurt, but it's not a serious injury. Munch broke down in tears listening to the poor, little thing wailing in pain and watching him limp around, and I made it clear to her how much more serious it could have been. She's crushed, but it made an impact that I want her to remember. I told her that I don't make rules to be mean - that I was doing what was best for the kitten and that he belongs to someone else. Gin checked up on the kitten a little later and confirmed that he's fine. He was running around the yard and not limping anymore. He's still hanging out on the porch, because he's got his food out there.

Trust me. If his foot had been broken, I would have brought him in and taken him to be treated. I'm an animal lover too. And it might have seemed harsh, but Munch has learned an important lesson. She's learned that animals are not toys. They are real living beings, and they can be hurt.



sad for the kitten.. but you're right.. rules has to be followed.. please visit my wordless wednesday.. its up already.. i will not be able to log in tomorrow (Oct 1, 2008)thats why i'm visitng all you guys today..
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