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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh! This just got good again....

Sarah Palin. Like her or not, the sister is FIERCE! Man, I was getting bored with this interminable presidential race, but it just got interesting again. I'm sure I am not alone in noting that this will probably be the first time in HISTORY that anyone will be remotely interested in the vice-presidential debate! Biden vs. Palin. Oh man! It's gonna be good! Biden is good and he's experienced, but this lady rocks! Regardless of politics, I like this chick.

"Her speech was dripping in sarcasm," said Donna Brazile. Yeah, but you know what? So does mine. Women are good at that because men are clueless enough to miss it. It's entertaining for us. And we know the bright people can pick up on the real meaning behind our words. And we really don't give a damn what the morons think anyway. (She made me cringe a couple of times though. I wouldn't want to go up against her!)

And apparently she was totally out of the blue after all. I found this blog post dated Aug. 6. I haven't listened to Glenn Beck in a long time, so I missed his mention of her. She sure slipped under the radar for most people though. What fun! What intrigue! Woohoo!

Politics is such a great spectator sport - my favorite in fact. (Although soccer's become a close second....) It's cool to see it waking up again. It got so very DULL there for a while... In fact, I obviously fell asleep and lost all track of it for a while. Used to be, they couldn't sneak up on me like this. Oh well, good to keep me on my toes. I was becoming far too complacent again...

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Lee said...

My experience is that people resort to sarcastic remarks when they don't really have anything of substance to say. That's pretty much the case with Palin. She can't talk about experience because she doesn't have any. She can't talk about the issues because she has nothing to offer.

You're right, it's going to get interesting.