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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My day off

It was my day off today. (I get one every two weeks.)

I picked up Book, and he and I had lunch with the girls at Nana's house. Our usual Saturday routine. While there, the routine definitely got a twist when my stepdad went into an insulin reaction (he's diabetic). He broke out in a sweat and started convulsing. Mom gave him his emergency Glucagon shot, and we waited it out, sponging him down and keeping him on his side where he'd fallen on the living room floor. She has little sympathy for him anymore, and I can't say I blame her. He drinks - a lot. And last night he was drinking again. He's had a kidney transplant already - a gift from his son, my stepbrother. But he doesn't take care of himself. He's on a boatload of medications because of the diabetes and the transplant, and yet he goes on drinking. He takes his meds on top of the drinking, then doesn't eat anything before going to bed. Then he wakes up and his blood sugar has bottomed out. She's seen it too many times, and I have been around for a few. I understand her frustration.

After the crisis had passed (we kept Book, Gin and Munch playing in the backyard and out of the way), Nana and I tackled cleaning out my car. The kids had quite a disaster going in there, so it was a major job getting done.

Then the kids and I headed home, where I started up the laundry. Nana came over to help me tackle the next big chore at home - cleaning out the storage room. It took us about five hours, but we got it all cleared out. All the old boxes from we moved in, old baby clothes, books upon books upon books, a craft project or two, countless cords and wires to unidentified electronics, computer monitors and printers, vacuum cleaner attachments (I actually have them ALL - I was stunned), various photo albums I'd totally forgotten, a stack of Duran Duran record albums (who's got a turntable these days?), some old college mementos.... It was crazy. After we'd pulled it all out, it seemed impossible that it all could have fit into that little room. But it's all cleared out now. The challenge now is going to be keeping it that way.

Just once I'd like one of my rare precious days off to actually be a day OFF.

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