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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wrapping up the day

Have you ever just started wandering around the Internet because you're bored and ended up in some completely outrageous (relatively speaking :) ) place? I didn't have to work all day, and as my night comes to a close, I just found myself doing that very thing. I didn't realize it until I found myself reading - word by word - an article on how to use a rough cut mower. I stopped about halfway through and thought, "Why the hell am I reading this?" I also took an online Italian lesson. It taught me enough to remind me that I've forgotten just about everything from those two Italian classes I took in college. I read all kinds of political news, which led to political blogs, which led to political satire videos, which led to me spending a half hour or so watching old clips from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I love it though. Google and Wikipedia can lead you down some crazy paths! I even found the last page of the Internet once - after reading about a molasses flood and a disappearing lake, browsing a shopping site that included an Impaling Unicorn toy with interchangeable horns and victims, a site featuring funny English translations, approximately 840 quadrillion blogs, and quite a few more - it takes a while to get to the last page. Hehe.

I exchanged a couple of messages tonight with G. He's "proud" of me for watching Inter Milano. Hehehe. I think he was a little drunk. He was at a "crazy party" at the time.

It felt a little weird not working today. I kept feeling as if there was something I should be doing. There are things on my to-do list - and I got a few of them done - but there was nothing that HAD to be done today, and there's much that COULDN'T be done today. I don't think it would have felt so awkward if I had been somewhere else. Since I spend half my time working at the office and half my time working at home, spending a day at home doesn't even feel like a day off anymore. I need a complete change of surroundings. Of course, I've reached my annual fall finance crunch - which only worsens as the year wends to a close. So my change of scenery will have to wait until the spring thaw, most likely.

Time for bed now. I suppose it wasn't a bad day. And it had some highlights. (see previous post too) I think I'll go to bed with a smile. And I don't have to set my alarm. Woohoo!

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