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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beautiful art in L.A. - and online

Some truly amazing and beautiful work by some of today's most talented artists can be found at Paragon Fine Art Gallery in the Los Angeles area. A partner with Hamilton Selway Fine Art, Paragon's mission is to offer beautiful contemporary, traditional and commercial art to the public at dealer prices.

If you're a fan of surrealism by artists like Salvador Dali, be sure to check out the "Modern Alegorist"Glen Tarnowski paintings in Paragon's Gallery. As Tarnowski told The Artist's Magazine in October 1999, "Painting that simply reproduces likeness of a subject isn't enough - I create paintings that express my emotional response to the beauty of subject." He has said, "I create what I am."

Tarnowski's work is whimsical and paradoxical. Unlike much surrealism, his work does not dwell on darkness, pain and suffering. Instead his "Modern Alegorism" is rich yet airy, fantastical, multi-dimensional, and eternally lighthearted and optimistic. One of his works shows two apples wearing sunglasses, listening to iPods while playing poker. He frequently features a variety of animals in his works, breathtakingly rendered in fantastical atmospheres.

Paragon Fine Art also features other varied contemporary artists such as Hessam Abrishami, Isaac Maimon, Peter Max, Carrie Graber and Vladimir Kush. In addition to their main web site, they also have an eBay store where you can peruse fine works of art at your leisure.

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