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Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's ahead next week so far

This was a busy week for my freelance work. I had five assignments to do for newspaper S, but no assignments for newspaper P. I have no idea why I haven't heard a single word from newspaper T yet, particularly since the editor there would hire me outright in a heartbeat if he had a position available. Well, I suppose it's possible that all of his stringer positions are filled, or he doesn't have enough of a stringer budget to use for me. I'll be checking with him again since this coming week looks pretty slim.

So far for this coming week I have one assignment for newspaper S and two for newspaper P. I received an offer for another from P, but unfortunately, it conflicted with the assignment for S, which I'd already accepted. The editor at S did say he might have more for me later.

I have an appointment on Thursday to sign up for a job search through the child support office. I haven't yet received any word on my benefits to be received yet. It's funny, they're right on top of me for my obligations but aren't racing forward to get me any of the benefits I'm entitled to yet. I've been working and paying into the system all this time, and it's supposed to be there to protect me in cases like this. Yeah, that's why I don't often try to count on anyone but myself. You just can't.

I think I might look into a waitressing position at a decent sit-down restaurant soon. The hours could be a challenge with the girls not in school yet, but I know tips are good. Boy, after "managing editor" it doesn't seem like much. But "managing editor" really wasn't much of a job - well, it was a hell of a job, just not really much of an income. I've got to get something.

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