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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Most bizarre..... but curiously intriguing

I had the best possible start to my day today - at least in my sad, pathetic little world. :) I woke up early to watch the Man United game, and my boys won! Naturally they won; it was just against Birmingham, after all. Of course, I missed the ONE goal (yay Rooney!) while I was down making myself a cup of coffee. Ah well, they won. Three points to start off the season. I'll take it.

I followed that up with the Liverpool/Tottenham game, because, of course, I can never get enough footie! That was a good one as well, seeing as Liverpool lost and all. Go Spurs! I'll support anyone who's playing against Liverpool, you know. :D

After the games, it was time to take Book home.....that's when things got bizarre.

My ex-husband No. 1 (we were married for about five minutes.... it was a spontaneous sort of youthful adventure thing) calls me from the door, "Wait a sec!" What's this? We never TALK - I just drop off the boy and go on my way. He's standing there with some papers in his hand acting all nervous and weird. I figured it had to do something with child support. After all, I've just lost my job and have just missed my first payment while I'm waiting for SOME kind of resolution with all the paperwork I've done.

Boy, was I wrong.

No, he's got a picture in his hand of some fellow playing poker. I'm baffled at this point. Then he tells me that he's been talking to this fellow online.... and he's interested in me.

Excuse me? "How does this guy even know who I am?" I ask.

"Well, I told him about you."

Now I am REALLY baffled. So anyway, he hands me this letter of introduction of sorts, asks me not to be mad, and suggests that I just contact this fellow to see if I might, perhaps, be at all interested. Erm, okay...

I've sent off an e-mail. We'll see.....

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