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Friday, August 7, 2009

My own public service announcement because I'm sick of the stupid e-mail forwards

I'm not going to name names, point fingers or post links, but I will say that perpetuating misinformation does nothing more than make you appear a fool and by extension makes fools of those who then agree with you, trusting that you have taken the time to find out what is true.

You are all welcome to your righteous indignation. You are free to believe or disbelieve whatever you choose. You are no less right or wrong to have your own opinions about the rightness or wrongness of any decisions or actions of your government, regardless of your affiliation or lack thereof. No opinion is wrong. My problem is with factual errors and misinterpretation - intentional or not.

Just, please - check your facts.

I am so tired of receiving e-mails (from supporters or opponents of both sides of any given issue) that pass along opinion and misinterpretation and pure spin as "fact."

Please, stop wasting my time and insulting my intelligence.

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