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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Earlier-than-necessary morning

I got up earlier than I needed to, thanks to my state of extreme sleepiness last night leading to my miscalculation of how much time I would need to get ready this morning, write a post and drive in to Sidney. At least it took the pressure off the morning, and I was able to swig down a cup of coffee before starting out.

Of course, then I arrived for the county commissioners' meeting scheduled for 9:30 this morning only to be told that it would be held in executive session, so I couldn't attend. I left my number to be called later, so I could talk to them about the thing I was there for in the first place. I drove over to my daughters' friends house to pick them up after spending the night last night and came out to find a message saying I could go back to the commissioners office. Great. I dropped the girls off at home, then drove another 30 minutes back in. When I got there, they realized, "Well, you don't really need us for this. You can talk to the auditor." Well, hell, I could have just gone up and talked to the auditor the first time I was there.

But anyway, I got the story, had a nice chat with the auditor (who lives in my little town, so we had the usual catching up to do - "how are the kids?" etc, etc.) and I'm back home to write the story. I think I might put it off for a couple of hours. I'll take a little nap and then watch the game (one of the games anyway - I've got three to choose from and I'm not sure yet which one I'll pick: Chelsea/Sunderland, Celtic/Arsenal or Sporting Lisbon/Fiorentina - I'll probably go with Chelsea.) Right now, I'm just sleepy again.


vange said...

I wouldn't waste a free afternoon watching sports!

Goddess said...

Not sports - THE sport. In my world, there is only one. :) Besides it's too hot and humid (with intermittent cloudbursts) to do much of anything outside the house anyway.