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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freelancing's not so bad

You know I think I could dig this freelance gig. :)

I went to the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo this afternoon, and after strolling around the booths, picking up all kinds of freebie promos and sampling some truly AWESOME food from the restaurants represented there, I sat down with the chamber president for a few minutes then went back to the office (my old-old office) to write up the story. It was a piece of cake, and I get 40 bucks for it.

Tomorrow night I'll be heading to the Relay for Life. I'll spend a couple of hours wandering the booths and talking to people, stay around for the opening ceremonies and the survivor's lap, then back home to write up the story and e-mail it in. Another piece of cake - another 40 bucks.

Next week is even easier: it's meetings. Meetings are nothing. I can sit there and take notes, don't even have to talk to anyone, then consult my agenda while writing up a dry recount of what they talked about. Plug in a few quotes if anyone said anything remotely interesting (which is rare), and I'm all done. 40 bucks a pop.

Yeah, not a bad gig, and if he keeps giving me all these assignments - and I get a few more from the other paper too - it'll almost be like a full-time job.

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